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Drug checking finds most were not what Vancouver users expected

An overdose crisis in the western city of Vancouver prompted officials to ask for samples of street drugs to test their contents. Analysis of 1,714 substances found that more than 60 per cent contained none of the drug that clients» 

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Drug addicts in prison to get clean needles

Two federal prison institutions in Canada will begin a needle exchange programme for drug users. While diabetics in prison have had access to needles for diabetic inmates needing insulin, and for others needing EpiPens, this is the first time needles» 


Decriminalize drugs, urges the city of Vancouver

Plagued with increasing drug overdose deaths, the western city of Vancouver is calling on the government of Canada to decriminalize the personal possession of all drugs. The city wants to couple this with treatment and overdose prevention services in a» 


More sex enhancement products seized

Neighbourhood convenience stores are not the usual place to find male sexual performance products.  In fact, it’s illegal. A chain of convenience store in Ontario has been raided by officials from Health Canada and more than 16 products have been» 


Police seize record amount of deadly drugs

Police in the western city of Edmonton Alberta made a shocking discovery. Firefighters responding to a fire call in a small house in the city found a suspicious powder in an empty basement unit and called police. Police found over» 

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Opioid crisis prompts festival safety tips

Authorities in the western province of British Columbia (B.C.) are worried about the opioid crisis and are issuing safety tips to those who plan to attend summer festivals. The provincial government has declared a public health emergency because of the» 

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Government announces steps to limit drug resistance

The Canadian government has announced changes to the rules on veterinary drugs it says will help to limit antimicrobial resistance. The widespread use of drugs world-wide has caused some bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites to become resistant to them. Surgery» 

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Use of drugs by drivers called ‘extremely concerning’

The province of Manitoba’s public insurance corporation conducted voluntary roadside surveys towards the end of last year and found one in 10 drivers tested positive for drugs. Out of 1,230 drivers who took part, 124 were found to have taken» 

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Researchers find ways to target drug, fertilizer delivery

Conventional ways of delivering drugs or fertilizer often spread them to places where they can do harm, but scientists are devising ways to avoid that. For example, drugs used in chemotherapy can travel to parts of the body where they» 


Couple found dead by children, overdose suspected

A man and woman were found dead by their four children at their home in the western city of Calgary and appear to have died of a drug overdose. Police were alerted when a 14-year-old called an emergency phone number»