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Concerns about civil rights over new drunk driving law

New drunk driving laws have come into effect in Canada, and have caused quite a stir in the legal community not the least of which involves civil rights issues Micheal Engel (BA, LLB) has a legal practice in Toronto specialising »

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Drunk driving charges: The weight of evidence, and language difficulties

In Canada driving after having drunk alcohol is a serious criminal offence. The legal limit for alcohol in the blood 80 milligrams of alcohol in 100millilitres of blood, (0.08 blood/alcohol content). The consequences may include a variety of penalties including »


Zamboni driver out of control

It seems that more wacky news stories crop up at this time of the season. In Manitoba there was some strange action on the ice rink this weekend that required the police to drop by the local hockey rink in »


Supreme Court upholds tough drunk-driving law

What is touted as the toughest law against drunk driving has survived two challenges in the Supreme Court of Canada. The western province of British Columbia allows police to immediately impose heavy fines, penalties and suspend the licenses of drivers »