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Another wildfire, hot weather in British Columbia

Fire crews responded to a second wildfire in the western province of British Columbia today, this time in the community of Kaleden. On Monday, a fire near Harrison Lake forced campers to evacuate as a wildfire burned out of control. »

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The “dry” tropical forests are dying.

A scientist based at the University of Alberta will be travelling to the major international climate summit in Morocco for COP-22. Arturo Sanchez research is focussed on the little studied area of the world’s “dry” tropical forests and their role »

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Neighbouring province of B.C. on wildfire alert

The province of British Columbia (B.C.) is taking a lesson from Alberta‘s massive wildfire and telling residents to prepare themselves in case they need to evacuate because of fire. Two wildfires have merged into one in northeastern B.C. near Fort »

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Ongoing drought making trees vulnerable to insects

Drought is worsening in much of western Canada and that is making trees more vulnerable to insects. In 2014, the mountain pine beetle destroyed 18.1 million hectares of pine forest in the western province of British Columbia and is expanding »