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Vaping: First case of serious lung illness in Canada

After reports of now seven vaping related deaths in the U.S and hundreds of cases of severe lung illnesses, the first such case has been reported in Canada. Doctors on Wednesday said an Ontario teenager who reportedly was vaping daily,» 

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Vaping concerns in Canada after U.S. deaths, illness

E-cigarettes and vaping, was supposed to be a safer alternative to tobacco smoking, and even help wean people off tobacco. In fact, cigarette smoking among youth appears to be on the rise, and vaping has increased dramatically according to public» 

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E-cigarette use among teens grows dramatically

U.S. health authorities want to reduce the number of young people using e-cigarettes and so, plan to restrict sales of flavoured e-cigarettes in convenience stores and gas stations.  In the face of this pressure, Juul Labs Inc. announced it will» 

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Study: “vaping” does lead to smoking cigarettes

A new Canadian study seems to put paid to an argument that e-cigarettes keeps young people away from smoking tobacco. In fact, the study says just the contrary The study involved some 44,000 teenage students in Ontario and Alberta and» 

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Vaping replacing, not promoting cigarettes for youth: study

A Canadian study found no evidence that using e-cigarettes entices young people to start smoking cigarettes. Researchers at the University of Victoria also found vapour devices are at least as useful as patches and gum for those who want to» 

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Ontario’s only marijuana “vaping” lounge may forced to close

It has only been open for about a little over a month, and already the Windsor Ontario establishment may be forced out of business by a new provincial anti-smoking law. John Liedtke is the owner of “Higher Limits” a vaping» 

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“Vaping” pot OK in public in Ontario

“Vaping” which involves electronic cigarettes looks like smoking but usually doesn’t involve tobacco. The devices vapourize a flavoured liquid which looks like smoke but theoretically without the harm of tobacco smoke. Neverless, vaping is now being treated and regulated in» 

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World first: All flavoured tobaccos banned in Nova Scotia

The east coast Canadian province of Nova Scotia is the first jurisdiction in the world to enact a ban on the sale of flavoured tobaccos. This included menthol flavor. The ban came into effect today, June 1st. Other provinces are» 

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Fewer than one-fifth of Ontarians smoke

While almost half of Ontarians have never smoked cigarettes, 18% of people over 18 years of age in Canada’s largest province are currently smokers, according to a new poll. This is close to the national average, with the most recent» 

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Ontario moves to restrict e-cigarettes

Canada’s most populous province has introduced legislation that would restrict the sale of electronic-cigarettes. The new proposal also would completely ban the sale of menthol cigarettes along with all flavoured tobacco.  The proposed law also would ban smoking on restaurant»