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Meat recalls continue as E. coli fears spread in Canada and U.S.

A large recall of raw beef and veal products continues to expand in Canada and the U.S. as safety watchdogs in both countries have issued warnings linked to a slaughterhouse in Ontario, where conditions and processing have sparked fears of »

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New test could speed food, water safety checks

Canadian researchers have developed a new, faster test for E. coli bacteria that could dramatically improve food safety. E. coli 0157 can contaminate food and cause diarrhea, kidney and other organ problems, and even death. There are about 400 cases »

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E. coli-tainted ground beef recalled days after meat tested positive, after ‘use-by’ date

The Canadian federal system designed to keep food safe to eat failed in December to prevent ground beef contaminated with E. coli from being offered for sale to consumers, according to a report by CBC News journalist James Cudmore. The »

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Despite government promises, warnings about beef-tenderizing E.coli risk still voluntary

The Canadian government ministry Health Canada says it encourages the labelling of mechanically tenderized beef, and has plans to consult Canadians in the next few months, but does not expect rules before 2014, despite E.coli risks. That was Health Canada’s »