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City of Montreal bans electronic scooters

After a pilot project, the ciy of Montreal has decided to ban shared e-scooters in 2020.  According to CBC News the announcement was made at an executive meeting on Feb. 19, by Montreal city Councillor, Éric Alan Caldwell. He said »

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Toronto puts the brakes on e-scooters

They’re called “micro-mobility devices”, but are more commonly known as e-scooters and have become very popular in cities around the world. But, they are not without their problems, mainly the issue of them being left blocking sidewalks. In other cities, »

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Electric scooters coming to Canada

Canadians shoulg get ready to see people whizzing past on e-scooters on sidewalks, bike paths, and streets. Already present in the western city of Calgary since last month, Lime electric scooters are now coming to Montreal starting this weekend. Lime »