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Earth Day 50: Like no other

As people consider this 50th anniversary of Earth Day, they are looking at a very unique situation around the world. With the pandemic causing shutdowns of industries and businesses with travel and movement restrictions, pollution in cities around the planet »

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Earth Day Canada reveals electric vehicle service to fleet managers

Earth Day Canada and Quebec’s Minister of Transport and Minister responsible for the Metropolis and Montreal region, Chantal Rouleau revealed a program yesterday morning make it easier for companies to transition into using electric vehicles. Earth Day Canada said that »

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For “Earth Day” (Apr 22) think about bees

Around the world experts are noticing a decline in bee populations. Bees are the world’s most important pollinators of food crops and all plants. While we are aware of commercial honey bees, most pollination is done by wild bees.  With »

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Earth Day 2015

Today is “Earth Day”- a time to reflect on the state of the world’s environment.   The theme this year is “It’s our turn to lead”. Millions of people around the world will take part is some sort of “green” activity »

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Official Opposition MPs mark Earth Day with lakes and rivers protection bills

Canada’s Official Opposition NDP party marked Earth Day (April 22) with private member bills to protect a number of “heritage” lakes and rivers. The bills presented by NDP Members of Parliament in the House of Commons are part of a »