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Eating healthy food: becoming too costly?

Canadians find it more difficult to choose healthy food options A recent survey has revealed that fully half of all Canadians say it’s becoming more difficult to buy healthy foods. About 40 per cent say that following the recent edition »


Canadians watch cooking but don’t do it, says researcher

Canadians spend more time watching cooking shows than they do cooking, and they spend less time eating than almost anyone else in the world, according to recent research. Canadians are losing the art of cooking says, Sylvain Charlebois, a professor »

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Government seeks to boost healthy eating habits

Canada’s Health Minister announced plans to change its official food guide, change labelling rules and restrict the marketing of junk food to children. In an address to the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress, she announced the start of a consultation process to »

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Don’t put kids on diets, warn dietitians

Childhood obesity rates have not gone down in the last decades and are at their highest level ever, according to a recent study. But dietitians say it is a mistake to put children on diets. Danger of eating disorders “I »