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Canada’s central bank rate- steady as she goes

In the latest update, the Bank of Canada has held its overnight lending rate unchanged at 1.75 per cent. In doing so it said while the global economy shows signs of stabilisation along with some positive trade developments, “there remains» 

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Will there be a recession or not? Canadians unsure

It seems Canadians generally feel a recession is likely this year, but some economists are not of the same opinion. A poll for the Bloomberg news agency by the Nanos Research group in late November and early December found 56» 

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Bank of Canada holds its lending rate steady

Unlike other countries like the U.S. which has cut lending rates, Canada’s central bank today announced it would hold steady and maintain its lending rate at 1.75% in spite of a worldwide weakening of global economy.  Indeed, since the last» 

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Ukraine – open for business?

Daniel Bilak is on a mission. The former Torontonian, who now calls Kyiv home, wants to rebrand Ukraine. “What we really want to do is to get the message across that there is new Ukraine,” Bilak says, taking a short» 


Canada adds 27,700 jobs in May, unemployment rate falls to record low

The Canadian economy added 27,700 jobs in May pushing the unemployment rate to its lowest level since comparable data become available in 1976, Statistics Canada reported Friday. The unemployment rate was down 0.3 percentage points to 5.4 per cent, as the number of» 

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(interview) The fastest growing sector of Canadian economy is the …

..clean energy industry Amid all the talk about reducing pollution and going green, there’s not been much general awareness of the fastest growing area of the Canadian economy. Clean Energy Canada commissioned a report which analyses Canada’s clean energy industries.» 

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Bilingualism benefits workers, the economy: report

People who speak both of Canada’s official languages, French and English, have better wages and work outcomes, according to a study of those living outside the province of Quebec. In Quebec, it is common for people to be bilingual, but» 


What’s making the muskoxen sick on Victoria Island? – Eye on the Arctic video archive

Eye on the Arctic brings you stories and newsmakers from around the North. In today’s instalment, a video from our documentary archive. For at least a decade in Canada’s western Arctic, the muskoxen Inuit rely on for everything from food, to» 


Canada sheds 7,200 jobs in March: Statistics Canada

The Canadian economy lost 7,200 jobs in March on the heels of six months of continuous job growth, Statistics Canada data showed on Friday. Despite the loss, Statistics Canada’s labour force survey found the unemployment rate held firm last month at» 

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Federal budget day: Canadians concerned about future

The federal Liberal government is about to introduce its fourth and final budget before the general election later this year. The government has proposed deficit budgets in each of the previous years adding greatly to the federal debt.  It is»