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Projects to study sensitive marine habitats get funding

The Canadian government has announced almost $1.6 million dollars to collect scientific data on ecosystems in the St. Lawrence Estuary. The estuary is the area in eastern Canada where the fresh water of the St. Lawrence River meets the salt» 

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Arctic freshwater: climate change and ecosystems change

While we often think of the Arctic and the huge ocean areas it encompasses, but there are also vast resources of freshwater in the lakes, rivers, streams and wetlands. Many reports on the changing weather and climate have focused on» 

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Neonicotinoids: spreading into ecosystems

Toxic chemical targets insects, but found in birds Hunters in Ontario suspected something was wrong.  In recent years, there seemed to be fewer of the wild turkeys they usually hunt. They suspected the birds were feeding on crop seeds coated» 


Invasive species attacked in rare ecosystem

Volunteers have and will again spend a month digging up invasive plants in the rare Garry oak ecosystem found on some of the islands off Canada’s west coast. There is less than five per cent of this ecosystem left in» 

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Alberta’s native ecosystems: status report- ecosystems losing ground

A new report says the western prairie province of Alberta has lost a significant amount of its native ecosystems between 1999 and 2015. The report says  during that time human activity converted some 23,000 square kilometres of native ecosystems into either» 

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The lake in winter: not asleep at all.

Winter in the northern hemisphere is a time when many creatures slow down, or even hibernate. In freshwater lakes and rivers, frozen over with ice and covered with snow, it gets darker and cold. Scientists have long thought that very» 


Tiny but abundant organism plays huge role in oceans

Scientists have known about the single-celled diplonemids for almost a century, but they didn’t know how vast their numbers were in the ocean. Their predatory nature and sheer numbers suggest they play a dramatic role in ecosystems and the biosphere.» 

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Canada creates Marine Protected Area in the Arctic

Calling it a highly ecologically productive area and home to many marine species, the Canadian government announced the creation of a new Marine Protected Area in the Beaufort Sea. The area measures 2,400 square kilometres and is near the arctic» 

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Grasslands are among most endangered ecosystems

Canada had massive grasslands stretching for thousands of kilometres but over 70 per cent of that land has been converted, much of it for agricultural use. The grasslands span rolling hills and include river valleys and wetlands. They are very» 

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Inuit in Canada and Greenland seek control of marine oasis

Indigenous peoples from Canada and Greenland are seeking to have joint management of a unique area of the Arctic Ocean, reports Canadian Press. The North Water Polynya in Baffin Bay is an area of unfrozen sea surrounded by sea ice.»