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U.S use of toilet paper wiping out Canada’s forests

It seems “cleanliness” comes at a substantial hidden cost. Concerns are being raised once again in the latest report on consumption of  toilet paper and other tissue and the harm done to forests. The relatively inexpensive product we all use is »

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Heat waves in the ocean longer, more frequent: study

A new study shows that the number of days there were heat waves in the ocean  increased by 54 per cent from 1925 to 2016 causing severe impacts on ecosystems. The study was led by Eric Oliver of Dalhousie University »

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Protecting Canada’s watercourses: new bill doesn’t do it says advocacy group

The federal government is proposing changes to the “Navigable Waters Act” which regulates development projects that have an effect on navigable waters. The 30 pages of changes were placed within the 416 page proposal called Bill C-69. Many people have »

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Salt used on icy roads and parking lots kills wildlife: WWF-Canada

World Wildlife Fund Canada says road salt is having a devastating impact on the freshwater ecosystems of the Great Lakes at the heart of North America. When roads and highways get slippery from ice and snow, salt is often spread »

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Ecosystems: The importance of habitat connectivity

The climate is changing, and that’s changing the environment. That in turn is changing how various species which have adapted to an environment, act and react to their new and changing environmental conditions. A new study says to help preserve »

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New assessment of the population health/status of thousands of species in Canada

The newest comprehensive report on the state of species in Canada has just been released by NatureServe Canada.  The report looked at almost 5,500 species of land and marine mammals, birds, fish, insects, and plants and assessed their population health. »

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Unique ecosystems protected in St. Lawrence River

A non-profit conservation group has acquired three new pieces of land in the St. Lawrence River enabling it to protect some unique ecosystems that are home to vulnerable species of plants and animals. They add to areas already protected by »

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Plans to phase-out a pesticide harmful to ecosystems

The Canadian government is considering banning one of the widely-used neonicotinoid pesticides saying it is collecting in waterways and harming aquatic insects. Neonicontinoid pesticides, also known as neonics, have been restricted in some jurisdictions because of the risk they pose »

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Predators, prey, and the mathematics of nature

Science has long presumed, and taught, that when the numbers of prey increase, the number of predators increase in a linear relationship. New research says that’s not actually the case at all, that a doubling of prey does not result »

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Traces of human hormone disrupt aquatic ecosystems

A new study has found that the traces of synthetic estrogen from use of birth control pills, can have a dramatic effect on ecosystems The study, was published in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B on Monday. Lead author »