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Canadian Football League team drops players after homophobic comments

The Edmonton Eskimos, a team in the Canadian Football League (CFL), dropped one of their players over the weekend due to some homophobobic comments that were made on Twitter. Christion Jones, who used to be wide receiver on the Edmonton »


Alberta Premier pushing to have NHL play in Edmonton

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney is pushing for Edmonton to be one of the National Hockey League’s hub cities when it resumes play later this summer, according to a tweet he made yesterday. “It’s the obvious choice to bring the NHL »

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Architecture- more controversy in Canada

Even as a dispute over an addition to the iconic Chateau Laurier Hotel in Ottawa continues, another architectural debate has sprung up in western Canada. |n the city of Edmonton, capital of the province of Alberta, residents were expecting a »


Police seize record amount of deadly drugs

Police in the western city of Edmonton Alberta made a shocking discovery. Firefighters responding to a fire call in a small house in the city found a suspicious powder in an empty basement unit and called police. Police found over »

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Thousands of indigenous elders meet in first national gathering

It is a huge gathering, and the first event of its kind in Canada. Thousands of indigenous elders from communities across the country are meeting to discuss issues of concern and share ideas. One of the organizers of this event »

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Arts: The rare skill of restoration of antiquarian books

It’s a very rare occupation. Alex McGuckin of Edmonton, Alberta is one of only a handful of craftsmen who restore valuable antique books sometimes hundreds of years old. You’d have to call him an artisan. McGuckin came into the profession »

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If it looks like a falcon, flies like a falcon, it must be….a drone?

The company behind the technology call this drone a robot-bird or “ro-bird” and it’s being trialed at a major Canadian airport for the first time. Aircraft and birds don’t mix well at all. When they collide, it can be anywhere »

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Baring all for Fort McMurray

The generosity of Canadians knows no bounds. With thousands of evacuees from fire-ravaged Fort McMurray still in temporary shelters, comes a new offer of well, entertainment. The evacuees have been getting free shelter and meals and all manner of other »

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Union calls for law to protect store clerks

Yet another convenience store clerk was assaulted in the western city of Edmonton early February 8, 2016, prompting a union to renew its call for new, worker safety legislation. Two clerks were shot and killed in separate convenience store holdups »


Canada’s premier football event: The Grey Cup!

All this weekend a huge number of parties and celebrations have been going on in the western city of Winnipeg Manitoba. Today is marks the 103rd edition of the final match up and culmination of the Canadian Football League (CFL) »