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Canadian Coast Guard partners with Mi’kmaq to rename icebreaker

The federal government has partnered with Indigenous communities in Atlantic Canada to find a new name for a Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker named after a controversial 18th century British military officer who offered a bounty for the scalps of Mi’kmaq »

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Statue of historic B.C. justice is removed

Another statue of a now-controversial historical figure has been removed from a public square in British Columbia. As members from local First Nations cheered, a monument to B.C.’s first chief justice, Matthew Begbie, was removed from the New Westminster provincial »

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Removing Cornwallis- facts vs modern social justice agenda

Recently the bronze statue of Edward Cornwallis was removed from a park in Halifax. It is the city he founded in 1749. A military officer, his mission was to establish a strong British presence on the east coast of mainland »