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Discovery of lingering effects of anti-depressants across generations

Researchers in Ottawa have been studying the effects of a common anti-depressant, Prozac, on the environment. When people take Prozac or other pharmaceuticals, some of it passes out of the body into sewage systems to waste treatment plants, and then »


Cannabis effects may differ for seniors, doctor urges caution

The recreational use of cannabis becomes legal in Canada on October 17, 2018 and doctors say seniors should inform themselves before consuming the drug. Dr. Mona Sidhu says seniors need to understand different strains of cannabis have different effects. “Often »

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Travel to Mars! Worms leading the way

The effort is on to sending humans to Mars. In fact, NASA is aiming for a Mars mission perhaps by 2030, and there are other efforts as well. It will come as a surprise to most, but the humble earthworm, »

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Nano tech: Quantum mechanics and rock music join forces

All recorded music passes through various processing to get differing sounds and sound qualities. Modern electronic processing and consumer electronics involves silicon chips, (transistors, and diodes) and guitar players say that doesn’t necessarily provide a nice sound, which is why »

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Premier, academics signal concern over legalizing pot

The Canadian government plans to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in July 2018 but there is concern about the plan coming from political and academic quarters. The finance minister in the western province of Manitoba says the date should »