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Ontario to take control of five long term care homes

The sad and tragic state of some of Canada’s long term care homes, long warned about, has finally come to light. When the military was called in to help out with severe staff shortages caused by the coronavirus in several »


Quebec requests military reinforcements to fight COVID-19 in nursing homes

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Thursday the federal government is carefully studying “an unprecedented request” by the provincial government of Quebec to deploy Canadian military medics to help health authorities fight the pandemic in hard-hit nursing homes and long-term care »

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81-year old woman “shocked” at Antifa bullying

Will meet with police today; son calls protesters “thugs” Last Sunday the leader of the right-leaning People’s Party of Canada (PPC) was to speak at a Hamilton college as part of the ongoing federal election campaign. Both supporters and opponents »

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Soaring health care needs for seniors require big money, say doctors

A huge proportion of Canada’s population is getting old and the country’s doctors are urging the federal government to increase funding to meet their health care needs. Health care is free for patients in Canada and is funded by the »

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Sleep apnea a risk for over half of seniors: study

A new study suggests that 56 per cent of people aged 65 years and older have a sleep disorder in which they repeatedly stop breathing. This obstructive sleep apnea can make people feel tired and is linked to health problems »

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Senior citizens and driving: bad reputation is not deserved

The general perception is that elderly drivers are bad drivers. Strangely enough even many seniors think seniors are not good drivers. But that’s not necessarily what a researcher in Ottawa has discovered in years of study. Sylvain Gagnon (PhD) is »

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The LINK Online, Sat.,May 25, 2015

Your hosts today are Lynn, Carmel, and Marc The use of antipsychotic drugs in seniors’ residences has been a matter of intense debate across Canada, not only because of their side-effects. © iStock A new study raising more questions about the »

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Creating “accepting” retirement housing for lesbian and gay seniors

A national survey conducted last year by Toronto-based, Forum Research, found that 2.6 % of Canadians aged 55 or older identified themselves as being lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgendered (LGBT) This group of seniors often doesn’t have the traditional support »