Your personal info collected by political parties

As Canada approaches a general election in October, people are starting to receive political information and solicitation for donations on their mobile phones, emails, and social media accounts. Most are wondering how a political party obtained their account information. It» 


Liberals may not benefit as much from young voters in next election: poll

Young people voted in record numbers in Canada’s 2015 federal election helping the Liberal Party win over the incumbent Conservative Party. But the Liberals may not get the same level of support from young people in the coming October 2019» 

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General election: social media “influencers” idea dropped

The idea came from Elections Canada, the non-partisan agency that is responsible for the nuts and bolts of elections. This includes enforcing electoral legislation, informing voters about the system and ensuring they have access to vote, maintaining the register of» 


Provincial election results in rare minority government in Newfoundland and Labrador

Voters in the Atlantic province of Newfoundland and Labrador woke up to a minority government Friday morning, after the governing Liberals managed to hang on to half of the seats in the provincial legislature while the opposition Progressive Conservatives nearly» 


Canada’s smallest province makes history with new minority government

Voters in Canada’s Atlantic province of Prince Edward Island (P.E.I) elected a minority Progressive Conservative government Tuesday, but also made Canadian electoral history by elevating the Green Party to the status of the Official Opposition in the legislature. The Tories» 


Albertans head to the polls after divisive election campaign

Voters in Alberta are going to the polls today to decide who will govern the oil-rich Western Canadian province that has fallen on hard times recently following a global oil price slump compounded by a shortage of pipeline capacity to» 


Albertans set to vote in crucial provincial elections

Residents of Alberta have begun casting their votes in advance polls as the Western Canadian province gets ready for what most Albertans consider as the most crucial election in recent years on April 16, according to a new poll. The» 

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Facebook to control political ads in Canada

Facebook has announced plans to comply with a new Canadian law aimed at preventing foreign interference in elections. There will be a federal election in October 2019 and the social media giant says its “ads transparency tools” will be launched» 


Canada calls on Algeria to set a date for free elections ‘without delay’

Canada’s Global Affairs department has issued a statement saying it is “closely following ongoing developments in Algeria.” After weeks of protests, Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika promised to not seek a fifth term that would have extended his 20 years in» 

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Election adverts in Canada – first salvoes fired

With Canada’s general election still several months away in October, the political parties are well into election mode already. Leaders and other members of the various parties have already begun to hold public meetings across Canada. Advertisements have begun as»