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Canada’s election: “Affordability” as a main voter concern

According to indicators, and the current government, Canada’s economy is doing well, and unemployment is at all time lows. Yet, national surveys have repeatedly shown Canadians don’t feel secure about their financial future or prospects. In spite of the figures,» 

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Trudeau skips first debate, draws fire from other party leaders

A strategic move by Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau to skip the first debate of the election campaign drew fire from his opponents, who accused him Thursday of being afraid to defend what they described as his abysmal record. That was» 

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Kremlin disinformation campaigns could target Canada’s federal election: expert

As the federal election campaign picks up steam, federal officials should be ready to counter possible Russian disinformation campaigns targeting Canadians, says a Russian expert. Sergey Sukhankin, a senior fellow with the Jamestown Foundation, a U.S. think-tank, who is teaching» 


Manitoba’s Progressive Conservatives re-elected for 2nd term

Manitobans are waking up to the news of a majority Progressive Conservative government after voters in the Western Canadian province gave the party another mandate to continue their program of cost-cutting and tax reductions in Tuesday’s vote. “We inherited a» 

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Political leaders debates: Importance and ability to sway voters

It is now expected that the official announcement of the election will be announced tomorrow. At 10 AM Prime minister Justin Trudeau will formally ask the Governor-General to dissolve Parliament. In the lead up to voting day on October 21st,» 


Canada’s general election: Political parties gear up

Canada’s political parties are in full election mode behind the scenes as they wait for the official announcement of the start of the election campaign. For a look at what the parties are planning and the issues, we contacted  journalist» 

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Honesty- a top issue for Canadian voters

A new report from an independent polling agency says health care, housing affordability, and  honesty in politics are top issues as Canada heads toward a general election in October The Angus Reid Institute   survey shows that just under half of» 


Your personal info collected by political parties

As Canada approaches a general election in October, people are starting to receive political information and solicitation for donations on their mobile phones, emails, and social media accounts. Most are wondering how a political party obtained their account information. It» 


Liberals may not benefit as much from young voters in next election: poll

Young people voted in record numbers in Canada’s 2015 federal election helping the Liberal Party win over the incumbent Conservative Party. But the Liberals may not get the same level of support from young people in the coming October 2019» 

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General election: social media “influencers” idea dropped

The idea came from Elections Canada, the non-partisan agency that is responsible for the nuts and bolts of elections. This includes enforcing electoral legislation, informing voters about the system and ensuring they have access to vote, maintaining the register of»