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Hong Kong: pro-democracy wins local elections; Canada’s reaction?

With pro-democracy protests still ongoing, albeit, slightly calmed, the elections for the lower echelon of government, the regional councils, were held on Sunday. Pro-democracy candidates won almost all positions and now 17 of the 18 regional councils are dominated by »


The LINK Online, Oct. 4,5,6, 2017

Your hosts, Lynn and Marc  ( audio below- video of show at bottom) Conservative election promise: cut foreign aid by 25% As the various political leaders travel across the country making various policy announcements about things they would do if »

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List of countries where Canadian expats live disclosed for security reasons

In a new effort to limit the risk of foreign interference, Elections Canada unveils, for the first time, the list of countries where Canadians who are part of the International Register of Electors live. Now, any Canadian expatriate qualified to »


Vetting political candidates

In recent years, several political hopefuls have had their plans cut short, often due to old social media posts. These often espouse positions or opinions expressed as private citizens, but which are deemed as being racist, sexist, politically extreme, or »

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Study shows Canadians tend to be polarised, but not because of social media

If we look at elections around the world, social media seems to play an important role in influencing citizens’ voting, but this does not seem to be the case in Canada. This is the finding of a new report on »


The LINK Online, Sept 6,7,8, 2019

Your hosts Terry, Levon, and Marc  (video of show at bottom) Canada’s general election looms-issues Canada will have a federal election on October 21st. The country now is just waiting for the official announcement that the campaign in underway. That »

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Claims of foreign interference in upcoming election

Former Canadian ambassador to China meddling? In light of accusations that there was foreign influence in the last U.S. election, Canada’s Liberal government for the past several months has been warning of potential meddling in this country’s general election coming »

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Canada calls for more women in Ukrainian politics

While the threat of insidious Russian interference in the upcoming parliamentary elections in Ukraine preoccupies all Western election observers, the head of Canada’s election observation mission says he is also worried about the low participation rate of women candidates. Ukrainians »


Alberta elects United Conservative Party government

Alberta woke up to a new centre-right government today after voters in the oil-rich Western Canadian province that has fallen on hard times recently delivered a landslide victory to the United Conservative Party led by Jason Kenney. Tuesday’s election turned »

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Canada ‘very concerned’ about foreign meddling, says Chrystia Freeland

Interference by foreign “malign actors” in the upcoming federal election in Canada “is very likely,” Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said Friday. “We’re, we are very concerned.  I think our judgement is interference is very likely,” Freeland told reporters Friday. »