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Switching to a “green” vehicle? Canadians lukewarm

A new survey by the Angus Reid Institute of Canadians attitudes towards so-called green vehicles shows divided opinions. .After more than five years of incentive programmes in three of Canada’s most populous provinces to help fund purchases of electric or» 

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Electric snowmobile created in Canada generates huge interest

Three McGill University engineering students were working on an electric car when they got the brilliant idea to transfer the technology and create an electric snowmobile. The idea took off. It attracted investors and client interest across North America and» 

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Nano tech: Quantum mechanics and rock music join forces

All recorded music passes through various processing to get differing sounds and sound qualities. Modern electronic processing and consumer electronics involves silicon chips, (transistors, and diodes) and guitar players say that doesn’t necessarily provide a nice sound, which is why» 

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International car racing event coming to the street in Canada

The speed, the skill, the whirr of engines…Whirr? World renowned for it exciting Formula 1 races, Montreal will be the site of a new type of racing,  Formula-E, for electric. Car racing fans who know the sound of a screaming»