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History: Nov 9 1965: The great northeast blackout

About 35 million people left in the dark By the 1960’s, North America was becoming heavily reliant on electricity.  A relatively prosperous economy meant people were buying a lot more of the increasing variety of electric and electronic gadgets that» 

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Canada faces billion dollars in lawsuits under Free Trade rules

An American wind-power company is suing Canada for $475 million dollars. Another wind-power company based in Ontario is also suing for $500 million. The claims are under segments of the North American Free Trade Agreement and stem from a decision» 

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Sell-off of public utility challenged

Opposition to sale mounting. The government of Canada’s most populous province recently announced a plan to sell off a majority share of the province’s public electrical supplier, Hydro One. The provincial Liberal government under Premier Kathleen Wynn announced in April»