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Canada invests in power line to deliver hydroelectric power to Saskatchewan

The Canadian federal government announced yesterday that it is investing $18.7 million to the construction of a transmission line that will connect Saskatchewan to Manitoba’s supply of cleaner hydroelectricity, according to a press release from the Manitoba government.  Manitoba Hydro, »


Quebec power utility steps up efforts to restore power after Friday’s storm

Over 1,500 Hydro-Québec workers but also utility crews from Michigan, Ontario and the Maritimes were working feverishly on Monday to restore power to thousands of Quebecers who have been without electricity since Friday’s storm knocked out power to nearly one »


Electricity rate freeze promised in provincial election

The premier of the eastern province of New Brunswick is promising to freeze electricity rates for four years if his government is re-elected on September 24, 2018. Premier Brian Gallant says electricity bills are going up faster than are the »


Nasty weather causes accidents, power failures

A mix of snow, freezing rain, ice pellets, rain and strong winds wreaked havoc on southern Ontario yesterday and moved on to southern Quebec overnights. Tens of thousands of people in both provinces suffered a loss of electricity as parts »


Electrical bills will be higher due to extreme cold, warns utility

As though it were not bad enough to have to endure especially frigid temperatures recently, some residents of the province of Quebec are being warned their electrical bills will be higher. It gets cold enough in winter that homes are »

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Giant turbine test gets go-ahead for Bay of Fundy

A provincial environment minister has approved a plan to install two giant turbines for tidal power research in the Bay of Fundy, off Canada’s east coast, reports Canadian Press (CP). The bay has the highest tides in the world with »


World’s first: Bagged electricity underwater

Well, not quite electricity, rather potential energy, which was electricity, converted to compressed air, stored in bags underwater, then reconverted to electricity later. Canada’s largest city, Toronto, is the site for a unique two year energy trial. Ontario Hydro, in »