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Brain disease spreading among farmed and wild deer

It’s called chronic wasting disease (CWD) and it’s a brain disease similar to “mad cow disease” or spongiform encephalopathy(BSE) . It has no cure and it’s spreading among deer populations but can also affect caribou, elk, moose. Another brain disease, »

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Canada and Norway lock horns over moose statue, but wait there’s more

Bigger is one thing, but first is another- That goes to Dryden The international conflict between two northern countries began surprisingly with a traffic safety project in Norway. The idea was to attract people to the giant moose and so »

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Alberta ranchers say elk herd out of control

Ranchers in the southern portion of the western province of Alberta say a herd of wild elk on a military base has grown too big and is damaging their grazing land. CFB Suffield property comprises some 2,690 sq km. about »