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Nearly a million people file applications for CERB benefits on Day One

It lacks the pathos of the lines we might have happened upon in those old newsreels of people looking for help back in the 1930s. There are not going to be a whole lot of folks sitting around together listening »

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Service Canada closing in-person centres across the country…for now

In a move that will likely affect a great number of seniors and many members of Canada’s Indigenous communities, Service Canada is shutting down its network of in-person centres across the country.  The announcement comes as Canadians attempt to navigate »

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New Democrats propose plan to get money to Canadians quickly

The New Democratic Party (NDP) released a proposal yesterday to cut the administrative load and give direct support to Canadians as well as increase wage subsidies to protect Canadians from losing their jobs throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. The proposal calls »

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Government employee suspended for revealing targets on benefit cuts

A federal government investigator was suspended for leaking documents showing investigators had to meet quotas of $485,000 each year in recovering employment insurance benefits from unemployed claimants. Sylvie Therrien was suspended without pay in May. Reports of the suspension came »