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Data from space can help protect endangered whale species

The Canadian Space Agency is going to be using satellite technology and data to help the country monitor and protect the endangered North Atlantic right whale. In a press release from the Canadian Space Agency on Tuesday, the federal government »

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Birth of pygmy hippo at Toronto Zoo bolsters species survival efforts

On August 10, 2018, 12-year-old Kindia gave birth to her first baby, a 5.48- kilogram female pygmy hippo at the Toronto Zoo. The baby is nursing regularly and has already put on 3.2 kilograms. “This is a first-time mom raising »

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Conservation groups concerned about the state of Canada’s Species at Risk Act

Seven environmental groups are applauding a new government report on the state of conformity to the Species at Risk Act. At the same time they are very concerned about what the report states, especially concerning woodland caribou and habitat. Anna »

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A learning experience about the endangered Monarch butterfly

It is one of the greatest migrations of any creature, let alone for a relatively tiny insect. Each year in the autumn, Monarch butterflies embark on a massive migration of 2,000 to 5,000 kilometres from places in the US and »

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University and environmental group join to save endangered species.

It’s a unique collaboration between a university and an non-governmental environmental group. Toronto’s York University has teamed with Wildlife Preservation Canada (WPC) of Guelph, Ontario, to work towards preserving Canada’s most endangered species. Shiela Colla (PhD) is an assistant professor »

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A bad year for endangered killer whales ends on a positive note

An orca calf, no more than a week old, has been spotted in British Columbia’s Gulf Islands swimming alongside its mother. Known as J-50, because it is part of the endangered J pod of southern resident killer whales, its fate is »

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Unusual smuggler nabbed at US-Canada border

A Canadian man has been charged by both Canadian and US officials in what may at first appear to be an unusual choice for smuggling. US authorities have charged Kai Xu of Windsor, Ontario,  with smuggling goods, trade in endangered »

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Wildlife assessment report: 27 more species “at risk”

The Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) has just released its latest assessment of the status of various species in Canada. In this latest report, 27 species are listed as being “at risk”. Martha “Marty” Leonard »

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Action needed to save woodland caribou

Although it was put into place in 2010, Canada’s Northwest Territories have just added the first four species to their “Species at Risk” act. Listed as “threatened” are the Boreal and Peary Caribou, and a rare plant called the hairy »