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One of the most endangered Canadian animals now online

Once they were relatively common in southern British Columbia’s old growth forests and into California, but that was before pressure from habitat loss and competition from the barred owl began to take their toll on the now very endangered spotted» 

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The biggest threat to the world’s biggest creatures is hunting

We are eating them to extinction A new report says while pollution and habitat loss are still serious threats to the world’s creatures, hunting is the biggest threat to their survival. Boris Worm (PhD) is a professor of marine biology» 


Update on 3 iconic species at risk

A new report from the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC), says that three species identified with Canada are now at increased risk. In less that 20 years, the group says an invasive beetle has killed» 

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Whales seen in Gulf of St. Lawrence, fisheries closed

Last year there was a record 18 North Atlantic right whale deaths in the waters of eastern North America. Most of them were in the Gulf of St Lawrence and were attributed in large part to entanglement with fishing gear.» 

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Scientists alarmed: no right whale calves

No calves spotted this year For decades conservationists, and scientists have been extremely concerned about the population of North Atlantic right whales. Estimates are that there are now less than 450 of the animals left, only about 100 of which» 


Zoo opens breeding facility for endangered sage-grouse

There are hopes the Calgary Zoo can boost the tiny population of greater sage-grouse left in Canada in a brand new breeding facility it has just opened. There are fewer than 400 of these birds remaining as human development has» 


Groups try to save rare butterfly on brink of extinction

There are fewer than 100 poweshiek skipperling butterflies in Canada and fewer than 500 in the world, but several entities are working hard to save them. This small, brown and orange butterfly is only active during a three-to-four week period» 

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Changes made to protect endangered right whales

The Canadian government has issued new directives in a bid to protect the endangered North Atlantic Right whales in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. There are about 525 of these creatures left in the world and seven have died there» 


Turtles vs. cars: the deadly summer season for at risk species.

Ontario seeing much higher level of turtle deaths and trauma from vehicle injuries this year.. The Turtle Trauma Centre, in the central Ontario city of Peterborough, is at maximum capacity in its efforts to save injured turtles.  It’s part of» 

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Shocking right whale deaths: necropsies

It was a shock to marine biologists and conservationists everywhere. In a period of just a couple of weeks, six endangered right whales were found dead in the Gulf of St Lawrence. It’s a devastating blow to those hoping for»