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Largest Canadian solar farm to begin operating next year

Construction on what will be Canada’s largest solar farm is set to begin later this year.  After receiving an investment of $500 million from Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, the Greengate Power Corporation will begin to construct the Travers Solar Farm. It »


Premier of Canada’s Northwest Territories calls for national debate on North

Canada’s decision to block offshore oil and gas exploration in the Arctic will hurt the economy, says the premier of Canada’s Northwest Territories (NWT) as he called for “an urgent national debate on the future of the Northwest Territories,” in a »

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China seeks another major Canadian purchase; Beware says expert

“The naivete, and short-sightedness of people always surprises” M Juneau Katsuya  China is to set to move into another large industrial area in Canada as it seeks to take over Canada’s largest publicly-traded construction company. This comes on the heels »

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Canada and U.K. join forces on global coal phase-out

Canada and the United Kingdom are joining forces to push for transition from unabated coal-fired electricity production to cleaner energy sources at next month’s United Nations climate change meetings in Germany, the two countries’ environment ministers announced Wednesday. In a »


Court ruling on Inuit consultation a ‘wake-up call’ for Canadian government says lawyer

A ruling by Canada’s Supreme Court this week that Inuit must be sufficiently consulted before projects affecting their communities are approved, will have important implications for future Arctic ventures, say those involved in the case. “We’re walking on cloud nine and so »

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Government to encourage energy-efficient buildings

In on-going efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the Canadian government is about to take steps to ensure new and existing buildings are more energy efficient, reports CBC. Buildings account for 17 per cent of carbon emissions in Canada. The »

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Canadian invention: solar panels obsolete?

Solar panels have become the hot new “green” idea in the past many years.  However, even as they undergo  continuous development they may already be on the way to becoming obsolete. Typical solar panels operate at around 15 percent efficiency. »

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North American energy ministers to meet in Winnipeg next week

As oil prices continue their downward slide, Canada will be hosting a meeting of North American energy ministers in Winnipeg, Manitoba next week, Ottawa announced Monday. Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources Jim Carr will meet his counterparts Dr. Ernest Moniz, the United States »


Shell, governance & Arctic exceptionalism: 2015 Year in Review

2015 has drawn to a close which means Eye on the Arctic is looking back at this year’s news and events with some of our experts from around the globe. In this, the last installment to be posted on Radio Canada »

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Metal as an alternative to fossil fuel?

Renewable energy like wind, solar, and tidal, etc are designed to produce electricity. But long term electrical storage is still a problem as we seek alternatives to petroleum-based fuels. Jeff Bergthorson (PhD) says powdered metal may be an option. He »