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Pushing back against sexual allegations

The #metoo movement of women speaking out against sexual harassment or worse has continued to grow. Many prominent men in entertainment and politics have been forced to quit their functions over such allegations in both the U.S. and Canada. Recently »

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Sexual improprieties: improving the theatre workplace

The entertainment industry has been rocked by allegations of a variety of sexual misconducts. While the famous producer Harvey Weinstein case in the U.S. may have been the spark, allegations have spread to Canada. In Quebec the founder of the »

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How non-Christians helped create Christmas spirit

The popular Christmas tunes we know so well: Jewish creations Most people don’t realize that a great many of the iconic songs of Christmas were in fact created by Jewish entertainers. A new –and rather unique- film looks at this »

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After Weinstein, sex scandals hit Quebec personalities

Quebec entertainment scene rocked by two scandals. In the wake of vast media attention of the alleged abuse by Hollywood film producer,Harvey Weinstein, comes claims of misconduct against two major media personalities in Canada. First came allegations of inappropriate conduct »

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Quebec television personality Suzanne Lapointe dies at 80

Quebec has lost one of its most well-known and beloved television host. Suzanne Lapointe passed away Friday morning at the age of 80, after a battle with cancer.  Also suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, she had retreated from public life some »

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Canada’s music industry gathers at Juno Awards week

Canada’s music industry is descending on the western prairie city of Regina for this year’s edition of the Juno Awards, Canada’s best known music awards. The final awards ceremony is on Sunday, April 21, when awards for top album, top »