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Philippines garbage shipment adds to Canada’s abundant waste problems

Last Saturday morning a freighter sailed into the Port of Vancouver carrying 69 containers of non-recyclable garbage that has been festering in the Philippines for six years Thre shipment made much news: the final resolution of the so-called Canada-Philippines Garbage War,» 


Oil giant Devon Energy set to depart Alberta

As a new study shows Alberta’s government increasing its subsidies to the fossil fuel sector, an American-based energy company says its pulling out of the province’s oilsands. A report released today by Environmental Defence and the International Institute for Sustainable» 

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Canada’s ‘failure to prosecute Volkswagen’ denounced

It has been three years since the discovery that Volkswagen rigged its vehicles’ emissions controls and Canada has laid no charges, notes the advocacy group Environmental Defence. By contrast, the U.S. has fined the car company $12 billion and arrested» 


Ingredients not listed on cleaning products

The State of California has passed a law requiring manufacturers to list all ingredients on their cleaning products and Canada should do the same, says Muhannad Malas, Environmental Defence’s toxics program manager. By law, consumer goods like personal care products» 


Urgent call to limit exposure to toxic chemicals

An environmental group is calling on the government to enact stronger laws to protect Canadians from toxic chemicals. Environmental Defence cites a government report released today that shows most Canadians continue to be exposed to chemicals like BPA and parabens.» 

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Environmental group applauds ban on microbeads

The group Environmental Defence is lauding the Canadian government for banning microbeads in personal care products. These tiny plastic pieces pollute water and choke wildlife. They are used as abrasives in products like body washes and toothpaste, replacing substances like» 

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New study finds much higher methane release from oil and gas fracking

The environmental “footprint” of fracking and the oil and gas industry is about to change dramatically, and not for the better. A new study by the environmental group David Suzuki Foundation and St Francis Xavier University, shows about 50 percent» 

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Group demands better labels on cosmetics, household products

Canadian law does not require cleaning products and many cosmetics to have a complete ingredient list on their labels, says a news release from Environmental Defence.  The group wants the government to change the law so that labels will contain» 

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The chemical BPA found in many food cans

Environmental Defence is asking the Canadian government to require companies to phase out bisphenol A in food cans. The non-profit says the chemical is linked to hormone disruption, hyperactivity and low prosocial behaviour in children, as well as breast and»