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Canadian retail chain under fire by Christmas tree growers

One of Canada’s major and best known retail chains, Canadian Tire, is under fire for its promotion of artificial Christmas trees. The huge chain of more than 1,600 outlets, originally associated with automotive supplies, hardware, and sporting goods, has expanded »

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Reaction to Canada’s plan to ban single-use plastics (interview)

The Prime Minister announced yesterday that Canada will ban certain types of plastics starting in 2021. This is to cut down on plastic pollution in the environment which has been seen to harm birds and marine life, and the massive »

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Canada sued for failure to protect caribou habitat

Environmental and Indigenous groups have filed a lawsuit against the Canadian government for failing to protect the critical habitat of five boreal caribou herds in the western province of Alberta. These animals are in decline across Canada mainly because of »

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Switching to a “green” vehicle? Canadians lukewarm

A new survey by the Angus Reid Institute of Canadians attitudes towards so-called green vehicles shows divided opinions. .After more than five years of incentive programmes in three of Canada’s most populous provinces to help fund purchases of electric or »

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Quebec plans for caribou shock environmental groups

A number of environmental and conservation groups are expressing a mixture of shock and surprise at a Quebec announcement concerning a small herd of caribou. Woodland caribou (boreal caribou) herd populations are in decline across the entire country and listed »

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Government sued over pesticide use: neonics and bee deaths

A class of pesticides known as neonicotinoids has been blamed for what beekeepers claim is a “catastrophic” loss of pollinators. Now, four Canadian environmental groups have filed lawsuits against the federal government over the issuing of permits for pesticide use containing »

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Canadian invention: solar panels obsolete?

Solar panels have become the hot new “green” idea in the past many years.  However, even as they undergo  continuous development they may already be on the way to becoming obsolete. Typical solar panels operate at around 15 percent efficiency. »

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Electric Vehicles Day in Toronto

Are electric vehicles the way of the future in reducing greenhouse gases? A new group promoting the use of electric vehicles (EV) thinks so. The non-profit advocacy group “Plug’n Drive” plans a rally at the Ontario provincial parliament buildings today. »

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Canadian consumers food priority is for locally grown

Shoppers at farmer’s markets say their priority is locally grown for its freshness There has been a growing interest in organic foods, but a new study shows Canadians are shopping at local farmer’s markets seeking locally grown foods as a »