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GTA immigrants have trouble climbing corporate ladder: report

While many immigrants in the Greater Toronto Area have made great strides in landing their first job in Canada, very few of them make it to the upper rungs of the corporate ladder, according to a new study. The study, »


Extreme pay disparities grow

A new report suggests the average Canadian employee will have to work full time for a year to earn what a top CEO makes before noon on January 2. The report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives shows that »

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Executives wary about Trump

A survey of Canadian executives suggests they are ambivalent about U.S. President Donald Trump even as they see much that is positive for their businesses. The poll of 156 CEOs was conducted by telephone on behalf of KPMG and published »

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How human nature inflates CEO salaries

It seems that when we hear of CEO salaries, they are huge.  But, how do they get that way? Two Toronto researchers noticed that CEO salaries in the past few decades have been increasing much faster than the general level »