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Research may link exercise to improved video game performance

A Canadian researcher from McGill University recently conducted a study that suggests that exercise can improve performance in video games. A group of young players were asked to play the popular online video game, League of Legends for 20 minutes »


Exercise can help with cancer and help prevent it, says panel

An international panel of experts in cancer and rehabilitation has devised new guidelines to help people prevent cancer or recover from it and improve their survival. “In terms of cancer treatment, we know that being active, in theory, has been »

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Warships gather in Baltic

There’s a lot of activity in the Baltic Sea this week. Yesterday saw the start of Northern Coasts (NOCO 2019).  Over 40 surface ships, submarines, related aircraft, and some 3,000 troops are involved from 18 nations including Belgium, Denmark, Germany, »


Physical activity can affect children’s future heart health: study

A study of children three to five years old found that those who engaged in almost two hours of energetic play daily had better blood vessel health and cardiovascular fitness that could help prevent later heart disease. “Kids don’t get »

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Exercise so talking is difficult yields best results: study

Researchers have been puzzled by the fact that several people may do exactly the same exercise, yet some will become more fit, some will see no effect and others will actually become less fit. Two different ways of exercising were »

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Exercise protects against depression world over: comprehensive study

An analysis of 49 studies involving more than 266,000 people suggests that physical activity can protect against the emergence of depression. “If you look across the world there is consistent evidence that physical activity has the capacity to prevent the »

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Study shows brisk walk may ease a form of dementia

A brisk walk appears to improve brain function in people who have cognitive impairment related to diseased blood vessels, according to a recent study. So-called vascular cognitive impairment is the second most common form of dementia after Alzheimer’s disease. It »

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First-ever guidelines for Type 1 diabetics who exercise

People with Type 1 diabetes must be careful to control their sugar levels and doing exercise can make that more difficult and even dangerous if they miscalculate. But now an international team of researchers and clinicians led by York University »

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Light exercise may be good after concussion

A new study suggests it may be good for youngsters to get some exercise in the week after suffering a concussion. The current advice is to rest until symptoms diminish. Researchers at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario studied 5- »

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Competition best motivator for exercise: study

Many Canadians find it hard to get motivated to exercise and a new study suggests competition works far better than friendly support to get them to do it. “Our goal was to see how people’s online relationships affected their exercise »