Butterflies to fly free in Montreal greenhouse

Winter is very long in Montreal and by March, many people are longing for an end to it. So, it is a good time for them to be invited to the city’s warm Botanical Garden greenhouses to experience live butterflies» 

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The CNE and PNE: Ending summer on a big note of fun

It’s been an annual tradition since at least 1879. The Canadian National Exhibition opens today at the large 78 hectare CNE grounds in Toronto. Often called simply the “Ex” it was originally staged as a showcase of agricultural and technological» 

Environment, International, Society

Ocean plastic exhibit brings pollution to Ottawa’s attention

A travelling exhibition has arrived in Ottawa to draw attention to the fact that about 850 shipping containers’ worth of waste per day ends up in the world’s oceans. The exhibit called Ocean Plastics Lab is housed in four shipping» 

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Botanical art featured at Canadian, other museums

The Art of the Plant exhibition opened at the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa today and runs until October 14, 2018. The exhibit includes 48 drawings and paintings by Canadian Contemporary botanical artists and was developed as part of» 

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Museum pays tribute to photographer Notman

Montreal’s McCord Museum will open an exhibition of work by Canada’s famous 19th century photographer, William Notman on November 4, 2016. Notman took portraits of landscapes from all parts of the country and they are said to have helped build» 

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Museum celebrates immigrants in skating world

Many Canadians love to watch figure skating competitions but may not realize that some immigrants played prominent roles in the sport. Canada’s immigration museum is teaming up with a non-profit group that promotes figure skating to bring their stories to»