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Controversial experiment: Chinese add human gene to monkey brains

Once again Chinese researchers are being condemned for an experiment involving genomics. The controversy comes from an effort to insert a human brain gene into eleven monkey embroyos. The  five surviving monkeys did not have bigger brains but their brains »


Protect Canadians from chemicals in receipts, urge environmentalists

A small experiment suggests that levels of hormone disrupting BPA and BPS spike in the bodies of people who have handled thermal paper receipts. These bisphenols are added to a chemical mixture to coat the paper used for printing receipts, »


Deliberate oil spill for science

Controlled oil spill to study effects on freshwater lake ecosystems We have always recognised that oil spills cause environmental damage, but a group of scientists in northern Ontario are deliberately creating oil spills to study the effects on freshwater environments. »

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Honesty experiment in Eastern Canada: high marks!

How honest are Canadians? Test shows good results in Maritimes. They have been many stories over the years in Canada of lost items, especially wallets, being returned to their owners with money and credit cards still inside. That’s not to »

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Insect herbivores: predators and prey in a global study

An international effort for the first time collected coordinated data on  predation patterns at different latitudes and different elevations (altitudes) in a global study. While it was known there is more biodiversity towards the equator and more in valleys than »