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Canadian is one of the world’s greatest explorers

She is being hailed as “diver of the year” at a major diving show and film festival in New York, just another of the many awards and accolades Jill Heinerth has received. A renowned undersea diver, she has explored oceans »

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French explorer plans to ski and dive along Northwest Passage

French explorer Alban Michon plans a solo skiing and diving expedition along part of the fabled Northwest Passage in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago to raise awareness of risks facing the fragile northern environment due to climate change. The Northwest Passage »

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Evidence of water on the “red planet”

In 2012 a major and highly technical machine landed 250 million kilometres away from Earth, on the surface of Mars. The Mars “Curiousity” rover landing was a success and the equipment began transmitting data back to Earth. Its main mission »

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Arts:Non-fiction- The incredible story of Aloha Wanderwell.

It’s an absolutely amazing story: and if it had been written as a novel, people would think it too outlandish and impossible. But in fact it is true. A young girl, barely 16-years-old, joins up with an older man on »