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Atlantic bluefin tuna are corralled by fishing nets off the coast of Barbate, Cadiz province, southern Spain. Two studies by environmental groups say overfishing of the Atlantic continues, in part because quotas are too high. (Emilio Morenatti/Associated Press)

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U.N. report: Dire warnings on biodiversity and future of humanity (interview)

A million species could disappear That dire warning comes from the latest extensive report from the United Nations. They gathered scientists from around the world  to contribute to the first comprehensive report on the state of the world’s biodiversity. The »

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Spotted owls bred to save them from extinction

Spotted owls live in trees 150 to 200 years old but there has been so much logging in the western province of British Columbia, such a loss of habitat, that there may be fewer than 10 individuals in the wild. »

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The biggest threat to the world’s biggest creatures is hunting

We are eating them to extinction A new report says while pollution and habitat loss are still serious threats to the world’s creatures, hunting is the biggest threat to their survival. Boris Worm (PhD) is a professor of marine biology »

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North Atlantic Right whales: fewer than ever

Imagine the future of the human race is there were only 411 people left on earth, and less than a quarter were breeding age women. Add into that dire equation, a very real risk of fatal accidents that claim several »

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Caribou will be repatriated to Canada after failed initiative

The only six mountain caribou remaining in the lower U.S. states will be brought to Canada because their numbers are not enough to sustain a herd. ‘What extinction looks like’ “This is what extinction looks like, and it must be »

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Dire predictions of species collapse and extinction

A new World Wildlife Fund (WWF) study paints a very alarming picture of the state of nature worldwide. The report just out is called “The Living Planet Report 2018”. It notes that on average there has been an overall decline of »

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Scientists alarmed: no right whale calves

No calves spotted this year For decades conservationists, and scientists have been extremely concerned about the population of North Atlantic right whales. Estimates are that there are now less than 450 of the animals left, only about 100 of which »

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Gone in 20 years? Scientists raise alarm over northern Right whales

Extinction now possible, within decades.       (if photos don’t appear- refresh page) Scientists at at annual international conference on North Atlantic Right Whales have expressed extreme concern over the species survival. The meeting comes with special urgency after some »

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Marine protected areas for sharks and rays: are they working?

The idea of specific areas of ocean set aside as “protected” zone, officially Marine Protected Areas (MPA) was to protect marine biodiversity in a safe area. A new study shows that’s not really working and especially so for sharks and »

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Canadian expert says giraffe warning not surprising

Biologists are warning that giraffes are at risk of extinction. Their numbers have dropped 40 per cent since 1985. There are only 97,562 left. Anne Innis Daag overcame stubborn obstacles to become the first person to study giraffes and other »