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Weather app launched by Canadian government

“As climate change brings more extreme variations in weather, Canadians are using mobile devices to stay up to date,” says a statement from the government department, Environment and Climate Change. And that is the reason it gives for launching a »

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Climate change played major role in extreme wildfire: study

Canadian scientists have found that human-induced climate change played a major role in the extreme wildfire in the western province of British Columbia (B.C.) in 2017. “As the climate continues to warm, we can expect that costly extreme wildfires seasons »

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‘Climate breaks multiple records in 2016’: WMO

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) partnered with several other United Nations organizations to issue a dire report on ‘extreme and unusual’ trends. It says “2016 made history with a record global temperature, exceptionally low sea ice, unabated sea level rise »

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Russian arrested in Toronto for scary stunts.

His name is apparently Oleg Cricket, born in Siberia. The acrobat and stuntman is widely known for death-defying stunts on Instagram where he has about 300,000 followers. The energy drink company Red Bull which promotes adrenalin-filled events and heart-stopping exploits, »

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Elite Arctic yacht race planned

“…because of climate change, we can”.  Not for the faint of heart, and definitely not for the light of wallet, an elite and extreme yacht race is being planned for 2017. Tracing the path of the proposed extreme sailing race »

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Prepare for more extreme weather warns insurance industry

“Protect Yourself from the Effects of Climate Change,” warns the Insurance Bureau of Canada on one of its web pages. “Are you disaster-ready?”  The frequency, severity and cost of extreme weather in Canada are increasing said Don Forgeron, president and »