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Privacy advocates hail Clearview AI’s exit from Canada

Privacy advocates in Canada are welcoming the decision by the U.S. company Clearview AI to stop offering its controversial facial recognition software to Canadian law enforcement agencies. A statement issued by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada said »

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National police to limit, but not stop use of facial recognition technology

It came as a bit of a surprise both to politicians and the public that several police forces across Canada had been using facial recognition technology, primarily from the U.S.-based Clearview AI company. Concerns have been raised about its use »

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Facial recognition technology; privacy questions growing

It has been revealed that facial recognition technology is being ‘tested’ by many police agencies in both Canada and the U.S. There are concerns that its use may contravene Canadian privacy laws, and who may be using it beyond police »

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More admission of police use of controversial facial recognition technology

With several cases already revealed of Canadian police admission of using the high tech facial recognition comes another, this time by the federal Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The technology has raised concerns over privacy issues with hints of the incursion »

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Chinese facial recognition coming to a few Canadian stores

An advance for consumers, or towards Orwellian future? A chain of supermarkets frequented by the Chinese communities in southern Ontario and southern British Columbia may soon install facial recognition technology. The owner of the Foody Mart chain, Wei Chengyi, is »