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Calls for banks to help during and after pandemic

The government and all national political parties are urged to do more to help Canadians and small businesses and to pay “their fair share of taxes.” The call is launched by the advocacy group Democracy Watch and more than 100,000 »

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Netflix not taxed by Canadian government

The Canadian government lost an estimated $169 million from streaming companies in 2017 because it did not tax them, according to a report from the auditor general. Other analysts estimate hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue could have »

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Using tax havens is morally wrong, think most Canadians: survey

A recent survey suggests 90 per cent of Canadians believe it is morally wrong for large corporations to avoid paying taxes by using off-shore tax havens, even though the practice is legal. Information from the massive Paradise Papers leak and »

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Are charities’ tax status assessed fairly: group

Canada’s conservative government audited left-wing charities for “political” activities but has it also audited right-leaning charities, asks the Broadbent Institute, a think tank dedicated to principles of social democracy. Under Canadian law, charities are exempted from paying tax as long »