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Canadians divided over the role of religion: poll

While the majority of Canadians profess some belief in God or a higher power, nearly a third would like to see Canada become a more secular nation, according to a new public opinion poll. The study by the Angus Reid »


Young, educated Canadians support role of faith in public life, survey says

Canadians who support the role of religion in public life tend to be younger, well-educated and generally have more liberal views, and are not necessarily “holly rollers” or “Bible-thumping” conservatives, according to a new survey by the Angus Reid Institute. »


Documentary: Clergy who lose their own faith

It’s perhaps surprising that among those who are leaders in religion, the priests and reverends, and preachers, are some who have come to disbelieve. A new documentary film called “Losing Our Religion” looks at this little known, secretive, issue Leslea »

The Link

The LINK Online, Sun. Apr. 16, 2017

Your hosts this week: Levon Sevunts and Terry Haig. A new study suggests that as we age the microbes in our intestines change and cause inflammation leading to declining health. Further research could eventually provide therapies to change those microbes »