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Tools offered to fight fake news

Data suggest that 90 per cent of Canadians admit to falling for fake news. So, the non-profit Canadian Journalism Foundation has launched a new website to help and encourage people to check whether items they see are legitimate. Respected news »

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Shut down social media platforms, ‘call their bluff’, says ex-Facebook adviser

To protect democracy and personal freedoms, liberal democracies have to force a radical transformation of social media giants and may have to go as far as shutting down recalcitrant social media platforms, says former adviser to Facebook. “If your goals »

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Canadians get news from social media but don’t trust it: poll

While Canadians increasingly rely on their social media feeds to get their daily news, social media platforms are also the least trusted source of news, according to a new poll. The poll commissioned by the Canadian Journalism Foundation and conducted by Maru/Matchbox shows »

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‘Fake news’ label threatens journalism, threatens people: BBC chief

News organizations around the world are acting to foster trust and to fight accusations that they produce fake news. Misuse of the term fake news has become the weapon of choice of “repressive regimes,” said BBC Chief Tony Hall to »

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Fake news: It’s more common, and it fools others, but not me

A major international survey by the Ipsos polling agency found some interesting perceptions. The poll contacted some 19,000 people in 27 countries for their perceptions on truth in relation to the media and politicians. A lot of people (65%) believe »

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Survey: yes Canadians too are concerned about fake news

It’s actually a very new term, but has become quickly adopted into the lexicon. With adverts passing themselves off as news, and the rapid rise and surprising influence of social media as news, trying to determine what is “real” news »

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Teaching kids to detect fake news

It’s a recent phenomenon, fake news. We’ve all heard the phrase but how do you know what’s biased, what’s false, or a hoax, or advertising masquerading as news? The Canadian Journalism Foundation (CJF) is a partner in a new school »

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When fake news, even advertised as such, can still cause problems

Canadian Imam not involved, and news story completely made up. In the face of disaster, fake news stories even ones advertised as such, can still cause problems. Hurricane Harvey recently devasted the major U.S city of Houston Texas and the »


Do you trust the news?

With all the talk about fake news the polling firm Ipsos-Reid asked 1001 Canadians earlier this month about their opinions of the news and media. Darrell Bricker is CEO of Ipsos Public Affairs. Darell Bricker, CEO of Ipsos Public Affairs © via »