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COVID-19: Influx of counterfeit Chinese face masks, other protective gear

In the global rush to procure high quality medical-grade face masks, literally millions have been found to be substandard and had to be rejected. Now comes word of even more concerns as counterfeiters from China have become involved. the KN-95 »

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Beware of claims for COVID-19 protection

Amid a variety of scams surrounding the novel coronavirus, comes a warning from the College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia. (CNPBC) The warning says that the College has become aware that some members are promoting certain treatments and/or supplements »

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Paid ‘pro-Meng’ demostrators at Huawei exec court hearing

There have sometimes been questions about the authenticity of pro-China demonstrators at relevant events in Canada and whether they may actually be demonstrating on the basis of their own convictions. This suggestion has been reinforced by events at yesterday’s hearings »

L-R: Marie-Claude Simard, Mathiew Leiser, Levon Sevunts, Marc Montgomery

The Link

The LINK Online Sept. 13, 14, 15, 2019

Your hosts, Levon, Mathiew, and Marc (video of show at bottom) Expert warns of possible Russian disinformation campaign in Canada’s election Canada’s election has officially been launched and the political parties are busy trying to get their respective messages, platforms, »

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Beware of fake honey, as it is still present in Canada

Check your honey before you buy it, because loads of fake honey cut with cheap syrup is pouring into Canada and onto grocery store shelves. The products imported as “pure honey” are often cut with corn syrup, rice, beet and »

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NBA basketball: U.S. sports blog spreads fake news against Toronto fans

A blog called Barstool Sports has tweeted a video claiming to show sports fans in Toronto cheering wildly at the injury to Warriors player Kevin Durant. The blog founder Dave Portnoy claims it shows fans at “The Toronto Tavern”.  Normally »

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Canadians are concerned about “fake news”

A new survey shows a very high percentage of Canadian online users have some degree of concern about disinformation online, or so-called “fake news”. Media Technology Monitor, is a research product of Canada’s national public broadcaster, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation/Radio-Canada. MTM’s »


International visitors to Canada still being scammed

Last September Canada instituted a new travel screening feature which required pre-registration for those travelling by air to Canada from visa-exempt countries. The documents are called eTA’s -electronic travel authorization-, and if you’re planning on travelling to or through Canada, »

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Cracking down on fake guide and service dogs

“Guide and service dogs” are specially trained to act as guide dogs for the blind while others are trained to help people in wheelchairs, people with hearing impairments, PTSD therapy, autism or to act as seizure alert dogs amongst other »