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Scarecrows dressed as doctors and patient on a farm in Britain

Scarecrows dressed as doctors and a patient are seen in front of rainbow coloured hay bales on a farm in Billinge following the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, in Billinge, Britain, May 6, 2020. REUTERS/Phil Noble »

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Grocers attempt to calm food supply worries, but difficulties ahead

As fears about the uncertainties surrounding the COVID-19 virus increase, it has led to many cases of panic buying. While there has been some surprise about a rush to hoard toilet paper, it has also spread to panic buying of »

The proposed net-zero vertical farm at U of T Scarborough is part of a broader partnership between the university and Centennial College focused on advancing the cleantech sector (rendering courtesy of U of T Scarborough and Centennial College)

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 Net Zero farm coming to urban Toronto

Two universities have combined efforts to create a unique concept in farming, research, and clean technology. The University of Toronto-Scarborough and Centennial College are working to develop what they call an EaRTH District – an acronym for Environmental and Related »

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Tragedy strikes cross-Canada farm education trip

Henk and Bettina Schuurmans, both aged 55, were dairy farmers in Floradale, just outside Elmira, Ontario. Their cross-Canada trip aboard a farm-tractor came to a tragic end this week when they were hit by a large truck on a highway »


Penitentiary farms to reopen with goats and cows

The Canadian government will reopen two farm operations in the province of Ontario to employ and instruct prison inmates. The farms were started in the 1880s but were shut down by the conservative government in 2010. Hundreds of people campaigned »

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50 years success for foreign workers and for Canada

It’s a fairly unique programme now approaching its 50th year. It’s called the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Programme (SAWP). Formed by a coalition of farmers, it is run by a non-profit group with a mere handful of staff called the Foreign »


National Film Board: Grasslands Project

Canada is sprinkled with small towns, many slowly fading, others determined to hang on in spite of the odds. Canada is also a huge country with vastly differing environments. One of the regions that has not received a lot of »

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For farmers, this is the place!

Farmers are always looking for ways to become more efficient, and produce better products, from milk, to corn to eggs and so on. To do that they need to know what new equipment and technology is available to them. They »

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Dedicated to the pioneers: Prairie museum brings the past to life

Preserving the past, and restoring old farm equipment was the goal of a few guys out on the Canadian prairies. They got together and formed a club. From that club eventually a museum grew. It’s now called Heritage Acres, and »

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‘Farmers Feed Cities’ – a campaign to support Ontario farmers

The Farmers Feed Cities campaign was started by grain and oilseed farmers in Canada’s most populous province of Ontario to lobby the government, and it now continues as a consumer awareness campaign with inquiries from around the world. Representing all »