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Canadian farmers ‘infuriated’ by increases in Trudeau’s carbon tax 2.0

Farmers across Canada were already angry and upset over Prime Minister Trudeau’s existing carbon tax but are now even more upset at the increases announced this month. Groups such as the Grain Farmers of Ontario (GFO), Grain Growers of Canada »


Quiet but worrisome change in Canadian agriculture

There’s an important trend that’s taking place in Canada’s farming sector in the Canadian prairies. A new study has found that a relatively small number of operations control the larger part of farmland in each of the prairie provinces. Alberta, »

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Saskatchewan farmer, inspiration for Hollywood film dies

His name is Percy Schmeiser and he became the unlikely hero in a David vs Goliath battle of a small rural farmer fighting the huge multi-national Monsanto. It began in 1998 when Schmeiser, farmer and farm equipment dealer, grew a »

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Nitrogen fertilizer, N2O, farming, and a ‘worst case’ climate scenario; study

While most have heard about the great concern from carbon dioxide and global warming/climate change resulting from burning of fossil fuels, methane gas has become another concern. Released from being from sources such as thawing permafrost and from livestock herds. »

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Canadian grain farmers say U.S. farm subsidies threaten their survival

Eastern Canada grain farmers demand action from Trudeau “Farmers need to be able to cover the cost of production or many of them will not be able to survive much longer.”reads a public statement from farm organisations in eastern Canada. »

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Urban ‘pop’ art in the heart of farmland: Popsilos

We’ve all seen them as we drive past farms–big barns, big silos, and often a little weatherworn. A movement begun during Canada’s 150th anniversary is turning these huge silos into works of art. Jennifer Larocque and Mathieu Mault, co-founders of »

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Canadian grain processor to refuse crops with pre-harvest glyphosate

Another major grain processor in Canada  has said it will no longer accept oat crops that have been sprayed with glyphosate used as a pre-harvest dessicant starting as of January 2021. Glyphosate has become a controversial herbicide used as the »

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CleanFARMS; Agricultural plastic waste recovery on track and growing

Begun back in 2010 Cleanfarms is a non-profit industry effort to recover and recycle the vast amount of single-use plastics used in the agricultural industry. Mostly an ‘unseen’ issue, farms and the agricultural sector use enormous quantities of large and »

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Yet another huge annual tradition falls victim to COVID-19

Even though it’s held in the fall, another of Canada’s annual traditions has just been cancelled for this year. The International Plowing Match and Rural Expo was scheduled for October 14-17th at the Lindsay, Exhibition Grounds in the scenic Kawartha »

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COVID-19: Farmers a perhaps unexpected consequence

The consequences of the pandemic are having a wide ranging effect on societies around the world. A lesser known effect is being felt by farmers here in Canada. Dairy, egg, and poultry farmers operate under a sometimes controversial system known »