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aerial view of mega house on former farmland, Richmond British Columbia

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Battle over monster homes on farmland in British Columbia

The loss of farmland in Canada is an ongoing concern as urban sprawl and speculation eats up more and more of this critical resource. In the city of Richmond, British Columbia, the battle has been over enormous “monster” houses being »

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The growing concern of farmland “land grabs” in Canada

Recently an opinion article was written by a member of Canada’s National Farmer’s Union (NFU). In it Doug Campbell expressed his concern about land grabs of farmland in the maritime province of Prince Edward Island, although the phenomenon occurs in »

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Bats need natural habitat beside farmland: study

Bats are under threat in North America but new research suggests a way to help them survive. Bats are important because they eat huge quantities of mosquitos and other insects, sometime acting as a natural pesticide on farmland. Bat numbers »

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2015 report “Losing Our Grip” on crucial Canadian farmland

Canada’s National Farmers Union (NFU), a farmers rights and issues advocacy group, has released a report on the growing concern of farm land purchases by huge investment operations, agri-bizz, and foreign interests. The NFU had been seeing for many years »