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Urban ‘pop’ art in the heart of farmland: Popsilos

We’ve all seen them as we drive past farms–big barns, big silos, and often a little weatherworn. A movement begun during Canada’s 150th anniversary is turning these huge silos into works of art. Jennifer Larocque and Mathieu Mault, co-founders of »

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Canadian farms: fewer, bigger, older

It seems that the amount of farmland in Canada is growing, but the average age of operators (farmers) continues to increase, while the numbers of actual farms is slowly decreasing. These are the latest findings from the national statistics gathering »

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50 years success for foreign workers and for Canada

It’s a fairly unique programme now approaching its 50th year. It’s called the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Programme (SAWP). Formed by a coalition of farmers, it is run by a non-profit group with a mere handful of staff called the Foreign »

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Protests against a farm safety law in Alberta

The western province of Alberta is the only one that exempts farms and ranches from occupational health and safety laws, and many people would prefer it stay that way. Alberta is farm and ranch country, and traditionally a supporter of »

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Ontario farmland: threatened by urban sprawl

Southern Ontario is the most heavily populated area in Canada. The region is colloquially known as the “Golden Horseshoe”, the relatively prosperous area stretching from just east of Toronto, around the end of Lake Ontario, through Hamilton to St Catharines »

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Association voices concerns about ‘Salmon Confidential’ film documentary

Following the posting of an interview by RCI’s Wojtek Gwiazda with documentary filmmaker Twyla Roscovich about her film “Salmon Confidential” on the RCI website Tuesday (July 23), the executive director of the BC Salmon Farmers Association wrote a letter to »