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Immigration & Refugees, Society

Seven refugee children die in a house fire

It is heartbreaking to learn that a house fire took the lives of seven children in the eastern province of Nova Scotia, but even sadder that they were refugees from Syria who came to Canada less than two years ago »


Crew lost control of a train in mountains, three died

A freight train was parked on a grade in what an investigator calls “some of the most challenging territory in North America” when it started to roll, picked up speed and plunged 60 metres off the track. An engineer, a »

Environment & Animal Life, Society

Bat warning in western Canada

White-nose syndrome has killed millions of bats in eastern North America and the western province of British Columbia wants travelers to help prevent the fungal disease from spreading to that province. It is asking people to check “to make sure »


Fatal encounters with police analysed by CBC

Each year, about 30 people die at the hands of police in Canada, and the public broadcaster, CBC, has collected information to shed light on these fatal confrontations. There are several police services across Canada and no single official body »


Deaths from distracted driving increase again

Police warn distracted driving is the top cause of road deaths in the province of Ontario and the toll has increased for the fifth consecutive year. Many schools, colleges and universities in Canada close for a week in March, and »


Young brothers fall through ice, one dies

Two young boys fell through the ice on a canal near their home on Monday in the western town of Airdrie, Alberta. The six-year-old boy died after being airlifted to hospital. His 10-year-old brother was taken to hospital by ground »


Mothers call for action against drunk driving

A tragic car crash that claimed the lives of three children and their grandfather has prompted renewed calls for tougher measures to curb drunk driving. A 29-year-old man faces several charges related to impaired driving following a three-car crash north of »