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Canadian Taxpayers Federation:The year-end financial naughty and nice list

It’s an annual assessment of what the government and other public agencies do with Canadian’s tax money. The non-profit taxpayer advocacy group, Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) has just released this year’s assessment of what is being done with taxes. The »

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Students say tuition discriminates, fuels family debt

The Canadian Federation of Students says that government underfunding of post-secondary education is fueling the crisis of household debt in Canada. Canadian families have debts that average 171 per cent of their disposable income and amount to more than the »

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A sticky battle over sweet maple syrup in Quebec

Once again it seems like it’s a battle of a few “Davids” against a “Goliath”. In this case, a number of maple syrup producers against the provincial marketing board. Canada is the world’s leading producer of the delicious all-natural sweetener, »