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Immigration & Refugees

Canada drops fees for independent minors seeking citizenship

People who are under 18 years old and seeking Canadian citizenship on their own will pay significantly less for their application fees. On June 19, 2017 the government changed the law to make it easier for minors to apply even »

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Fighting against hospital parking fees.

The high cost of parking at hospitals has been a contentious issue for years. As an example, Ontario’s Health Minister says the province’s hospitals take in about $100 million per year from parking fees. While parking lots require expenditures, and »


Activists demand free school for undocumented children

Many children are heading back to school today in the province of Quebec, but those who are undocumented might not be, reports CBC. Children of illegal immigrants or parents who have filed but not yet received refugee status are being »

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Cancer patient furious over hospital parking fees

A cancer patient who is angry about the high cost of parking at his clinic has been offered help to pay for it. But that doesn’t make the underlying problem go away. Doctors’ journal urges a ban on hospital parking fees »

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Access to information fees waived

The Canadian government is immediately withdrawing all but a five-dollar application fee for people requesting information from government agencies under the Access to Information law. It has also ordered its agencies to make documents available in the format that is »

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Government strikes deal with top banks: Free accounts for low-income Canadians

Eight of Canada’s biggest banks have made voluntary commitments to provide no-cost accounts to low-income Canadians, Finance Minister Joe Oliver announced on Tuesday (May 27). “Canadians work hard for their money. Our Government believes Canadians deserve to keep more of their hard-earned »

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Report: More and more, cost of university education is downloaded onto students

University fees have tripled in Canada since 1990 and will rise another 13% in the next four years, according to a new report by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. According to the report “Degrees of Uncertainty” university students are »