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Men, women remember pain differently: study

Chronic pain is a major health problem in Canada and scientists think that one of the driving forces behind it is memory of earlier pain. A new study from McGill University and the University of Toronto suggests that the way »

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Stroke is more deadly, more debilitating for women

One-third more women in Canada die from stroke than do men and, if they survive, women are 60 per cent less likely to regain their independence, according to a report by the non-profit Heart & Stroke. Women are less likely »

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Canada to fund fight against female genital mutilation

(public commenting is open at very bottom of page) The federal government is set to announce a major funding effort to combat the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) also known as female circumcision. The money- at least $3million-, will »

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Exhibit honours, correctly identifies female artist

Several artworks wrongly attributed to men are exhibited by a gallery in eastern Canada and now are correctly identified as being works by Caroline Louisa Daly. Daly was born in 1836 in Montreal, the daughter of the lieutenant-governor (queen’s representative) »

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University to boost female faculty pay

The University of Waterloo in Ontario is going to boost the pay for female faculty members by $2,905 to bring them into line with what male counterparts earn. The university studied the issue of pay equity as part of an »


Male, female choice on census lacking: activists

Canadians will soon be obliged to fill out a questionnaire for the 2016 census and they will be asked to check a box for gender with only two choices: male or female. That excludes a whole spectrum of people who »