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TIFF 2019 unveils its lineup and it’s big

The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) has just unveiled the first batch of films from its 44th edition, which will take place from September 5 to 15. This part of the official program includes 18 galas and 38 special presentations.» 

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All things cat: Meowfest in Toronto

It seems lots of people love cats, and lots hate them, with a lot of leftover space in the middle ground. But for those who love the furry critters, this July 6th in Toronto “Meowfest” is being staged hosted by» 

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Festivulve 2: Celebrating the feminine vulva (interview)

Yes, you read that correctly. It’s an event to demystify and educate and entertain, all centered on that particular feminine body part. The Montreal event to celebrate the vulva is believed to be a Canadian first and indeed possibly unique» 

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Elvis is back!

Well, not exactly, but the Elvis festival is back. We may be just in the middle of winter in N.America, but tickets are already on sale for one of the world’s biggest Elvis festivals. In fact it bills itself as» 

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Inuit food, language, art featured at Montreal festival

Concordia University in Montreal will hold its third annual Tillitarniit festival celebrating Indigenous people of Canada’s north on August 2 to 4, 2018. It used to be a film festival but this year will expand to include musical performances, games,» 


Vancouver to host Canada’s biggest Burlesque Festival

It’s called the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival 2018.This is the thirteenth year for an event that has been growing every year. The two day event takes place on Friday April 6, and Saturday April 7th. Diamond Minx, her professional stage» 

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Montreal’s International Tango Festival kicks off 15th edition

The sounds and passion of Argentinian tango are set to add some extra zing to Montreal’s busy festival season as the city gets ready to celebrate the 15th edition of the Festival International de Tango de Montréal on Wednesday. Sylvi» 


Toronto to host big halal food festival

For the fifth year, the Toronto suburb of Mississauga is hosting what it bills as North America’s largest halal food festival from July 15 to 16. Halal food is that which is prepared according to Islamic law. Animals must be» 


Montreal gears up for week-long bicycle festival

The province of Quebec has for years had a very active cycling community and now is preparing for a festival that will include thousands riding through the streets of Montreal. The Go Bike Montreal festival runs from May 28 to» 


Croissant festival one of many food events

There has been record-breaking rainfall in the province of Quebec over several weeks. So, instead of the usual exuberance of enjoying spring weather after a long winter, many Quebecers are pumping water out of their basements or sandbagging their properties»