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Armenian community mourns Canadian killed in fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh

Members of Toronto’s Armenian community are mourning the death of a Canadian-Armenian businessman and community activist who was killed in Nagorno-Karabakh on Tuesday. Kristapor Artin, a former Toronto resident who moved to Armenia in 2011, was killed while fighting against »

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Hockey- the human cost of fighting

The National Hockey League regular season games begin today.  When it comes to hockey, arguably Canada’s favourite sport, the funny saying goes, “I went to see the fights and a hockey game broke out”. Many ardently believe the deliberately hard »

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Canada ‘deeply concerned’ by fighting in Yemen, calls for humanitarian pause

Canada called for a humanitarian pause in Yemen on Wednesday, amid reports that the Saudi-led coalition intensified air strikes in the country as the Houthi rebels tightened their grip on the capital after killing their former ally, ex-president Ali Abdullah »

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Canada moving toward weapons sales to Ukraine: Russian anger

During the working visit to Canada last week of Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko, trade and security issues were discussed with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. It was security concerns that have raised the ire of Russian officials who have expressed strong »

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Hockey lawsuit: fighting and concussions: new revelations

For years officials in the National Hockey League (NHL) have denied there was any connection to fighting in hockey and concussions. However, newly released emails among top NHL officials seem to indicate the officials knew of the link. Even after »

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Canadian volunteer fighting ISIS killed in Syria

A Canadian man has been killed by a suicide bomber during fighting against Islamic State militants in north-eastern Syria, says the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The London-based independent group, which monitors casualties in the conflict, said in a press »

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Rising hockey star and debate about fighting

The issue of fighting in hockey has been raised once again due to an injury to a rising star. Hockey in North America is almost the only organized team sport where fighting in the game is not seriously condemned by »

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Time to end fighting in hockey

Two hockey players face off, gloves are dropped and they start fighting, sometimes resulting in serious injury.  This has long been common in the National Hockey League, the premier league in North America. It seems however, that the NHL, or »